Visual artist with an emphasis on electronic media, and a graphic designer with an emphasis on audiovisual communication. (BFA Electronic Media Arts + BFA Communication Design). He lives and works in Bogotá.

Sergio exhibits in collectives since 2011 and has participated in 13 national and international exhibitions and 3 solo exhibitions. He has been a partner and exhibitor at festivals like Electropolis, Videoformes, Mutatis Mutandis and MUTEKCO.

Sergio´s work take on multiple forms such as installation works, light sculptures, video art pieces, and audio visual performances. His work explores the relationship between humans and the way in which they perceive and build time. He is interested in light phenomena to manipulate perception of space, and he is fascinated by tensions and balances between construction of analog and digital processes.

In addition to his art projects, Sergio is interested in interdisciplinary work. This has allowed him to work on the creative industry by leading projects of art direction (digital and print) , video production, branding, editorial design and photography.