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Colombian visual artist with an emphasis on electronic media, and graphic designer with an emphasis on audiovisual communication.  (BFA Electronic Media Arts + BFA Communication Design / Universidad de los Andes). He lives and works in Bogotá.

Sergio exhibits in collective since 2012 and has participated in more than 30 national and international exhibitions and 3 individual exhibitions. He has been a partner and exhibitor at festivals such as:

Electrópolis, VIDEOFORMES [US], BANG Festival [ES], Forty Five Symbol Exhibition [GR], FHR Festival Hermoso Ruido, Arttec Festival, Mutatis Mutandis Festival, FEP Festival Estéreo Picnic , VOLTAJE Salón de arte y tecnología [CO], LPM Live Performers Meeting [NL], MICRO MUTEK [CO], Arte Diez [MX], FILE International Electronic Language [BR], ARCOT Exhibition [JP] .

Sergio´s work take on multiple forms such as installation works, light sculptures, video art pieces, photography and audio visual performances. His work explores the relationship between humans and the way in which they perceive and build time. He is interested in light phenomena to manipulate perception of time and space. He is fascinated by tensions and balances between construction of analog and digital processes.

In addition to his art projects, Sergio is interested in interdisciplinary work. This has allowed him to work on the creative industry by leading projects of art direction (digital and print) , audiovisual production, branding, editorial design and photography.


S o l o   E x h i b i t i o n s

Delta - Centro Ático Building - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana 2014

Revelaciones - Espacio Odeón 2014

Los 7 Hermanos - Tollota - Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano 2012

U p c o m i n g E x h i b i t i o n s

A NEW CROSS Sound Design for Todo lo que no tejí Experience  / Inexmoda - Teatro Faenza · 2018

SUR - (Estéticas) 2do Seminario Internacional - Relación arte ciencia y tecnología - Tipologías de Escritura · 2018

LOOP 54 Radiónica -  Facade Project  / Audio visual experience with Julian Angarita and Lunate · 2018

E x h i b i t i o n s      

OLGA PIEDRAHITA -  A/V Experience  / CDMX · 2018

FREQUENZ -  Site Specific Project: WARP V.1  / BAUM Bogotá 2018

HIJAS DEL AGUA -  Sound Design for Ana González and Ruven Afanador Exhibition  / Museo Santa Clara · 2018

CRACK POINT - #TheNew247 - Video Live Performance / New Balance · 2018

ARCOT - Open Call Winner / Instituto Cervantes 2-9 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku · Tokio 2018

LATITUD LAFAYETTE - OLGA PIEDRAHITA -  A/V Experience  / Hipódromo de los Andes · 2018

FREQUENZ - Selected project: FUGUE V.1 /  BAUM Bogotá  2018

ARTE DIEZ CDMX - Selected project: PUNCTUM  / FM4C Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos · Mexico 2018

BAUM - Site Specific Project: INFLEXIÓN - I /  Colombia 2018

ARTKA - A/V Live Performance: F I E L D S - I / Cine Tonalá · Colombia 2017

ARTTEC Festival - Site Specific Project: S P E C T R U M  / LIA Laboratorio Interdisciplinar para las Artes · Colombia 2017

ARTTEC Festival - Selected project: S.C.F with Julián Angarita / LIA Laboratorio Interdisciplinar para las Artes · Colombia 2017

FILE Electronic Language International Festival - Selected project: CONVERGENCE - I · Brasil 2017

FESTIVAL ESTÉREO PICNIC - Audio Visual Live Performance with Felipe Gordon / Parque 222 · Colombia 2017

Las Bóvedas Centro Experiencial - Selected project: CONVERGENCE - I  / Banco de la República · Colombia 2017

Las Bóvedas Centro Experiencial - Selected project: T R A C E S  /  Banco de la República · Colombia 2017

SALÓN DE ARTE Y TECNOLOGÍA VOLTAJE - Reflexiones sobre el espacio y sus límites · Colombia 2016

FESTIVAL HERMOSO RUIDO - Video Live Performance with Felipe Gordon / Armando Records · Colombia 2016

LPM (LIVE PERFORMERS MEETING) - A/V Live Performance: COLLIDER II - Tolhuistuin / Netherlands · Amsterdam 2016

501 Original Plaza Levis - Selected project:  CONVERGENCE - I  / Centro Creativo Textura 2016

Warm-Up SONAR Bogotá / Planetario de Bogotá 2015

VOLTAJE - Salón de arte y tecnología / Centro Creativo Textura 2015

MICRO MUTEKCO - A/V Live Performance: COLLIDER - A/VISIONS 1 / Planetrio de Bogotá 2015

Arttec Festival - Selected project: G R I D / Gerardo Arango Building - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana 2015

SUBJECTIVE ATLAS - Selected project: ODT SCULPTURE / Cámara de comercia de Bogotá 2015

MICRO MUTEK Colombia - A/V Live Performance: URBAN LAYERS A/VISIONS / Madre 2014

Bogotá es una Joya - Selected project: CITY DRAWINGS / Cámara de comercia de Bogotá 2014

Forty Five Symbols - Selected project: "VISUAL SLANG" / Kunst-Station Sankt Peter / Germany · Cologne 2014

Volarán - Sala de Exposiciones Edificio Julio Mario Santo Domingo 2013

Remix - Mapping Installation with Carlos Serrano / Fundación Casa Grau 2014


Type Challenge - Selected project: ¨THE SOUND OF BOGOTA¨ / Universidad de los Andes 2013

BANG FESTIVAL - Selected project: INVOLUNTARY II /  Spain - Barcelona 2012

ANDANDO - Sala de Exposiciones Edificio Julio Mario Santo Domingo / Universidad de los Andes 2012

Memorandum - Selected project: HOGUERA / La peluquería 2012

Electrópolis Festival - PARA LOS PÁJAROS / A project of Andrés García La Rotta / Lourdes Bogota 2011

Videoformes - THIS NIGHT WILL NOT FALL / Global Streaming, A/V Live Set 2011

Sin Vergüenza - a project of Paulina Dávila / Miami Gallery 2011


D i s t i n c t i o n s

Open Call, ARCOT National Winner  -  Selected Project: "PUNCTUM" / Instituto Cervantes 2-9 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku · Japan  2018

Open Call, Arttec Festival - National Winner  -  Selected Project: "G R I D" / Edificio Gerardo Arango, Universidad Javeriana 2015

Brandstorm L'OréalNational Finalist  - ABLOOM 2015

Meritorious Thesis -  Selected Project: "REVELACIONES" / Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño 2014

Forty Five Symbols Exhibition - Selected Project: "VISUAL SLANG" / Cologne, Kunst-Station Sankt Peter 2014

Meritorious Thesis - Selected Project: "LOS 7 HERMANOS" / Facultad de Artes y Humanidades 2012


P u b l i c a t i o n s

Clave 019-97 Magazine - Selected project: ¨Revelations¨ / Universidad de los Andes

Subjective Atlas - Selected project: "Foolish Words, Concrete Scribbles" / Colombia · Holland 2015

45 Symbols Book -  Selected project: "Visual Slang" / Germany · Cologne 2014

La Fabrica - Selected projects: "Nomads of Desire" + "Light Perimeters" + "Exquisite" / Facultad de Artes y Humanidades 2012